Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New food challenge

Congratulation to Andy for winning the clean eating challenge this month. His prize is waiting for him at the front desk; 1 90 min massage. (Lucky guy!) Good job to all of you who gave it a good try!!!

We are getting ready to do another kind of food challenge. One of the things I'm hearing most from you guys is that it's hard to find something clean and good too eat. So, we have decided to do a Clean Eating Recipe Challenge.

Here's the rules
1) It must be your own recipe. You cannot turn in a recipe from someone else's website. If you find one that looks good but you think you can improve on it, that's fine, but we're going for creativity and originality.
2) Anything is fair game as long as its clean. (We are allowing honey as long as it's in small amounts)
3) You can work together on the recipe if you choose, but only one person can submit the food and accept the prize.

You have until the end of the month to get your recipe perfect, than we'll put together a potluck here at the gym (or maybe our house, if it's done in time), everyone gets a vote and the winner gets a prize.